The Eclipse, the Street Lamp, and the Dumpster

September 27, 2015

The ever-loving and I went out into the street to watch the eclipse.  Unfortunately, a street lamp was so bright that it obscured both the look and the colour.

The perfectly servicable house next door to our’s is about to be demolished and there is a huge dumpster parked outside (this is Vancouver after all). By bending down and using the dumpster as a screen against the street light, we finally got a great view as the crescent appeared and started to grow.

Odd what we have to do in the city to see nature.


September 27, 2015

My local greenspace is Salsbury Park, a tiny half-block area just east of Commercial Drive.  It is very popular locally, with a well-used children’s playground, excellent benches for us old folks, and one of the best sled slopes for the kids when it snows.  It is often the scene of small groups practicing stuff like fire dances and rhythmic chain swinging. But yesterday was something new, at least for me.


A chap had strung a slackline between two trees and was walking and bouncing and turning on it. I sat on a bench and watched him for a while. He fell off a few times, but just got back up and carried on. [select image for a better view].

Great fun and excellent cabaret for me!

Image: Red Blue Yellow

September 27, 2015

Red Blue Yellow