What A Waste

September 21, 2015

I was sitting having coffee on Commercial Drive at lunch time when a City of Vancouver van parked outside.  There were two workers, and their job, it seems, was to remove posters stuck on poles. One of the workers leaned against the van, enjoying the sunshine, for the entirety of the following.

The other worker put on safety glasses and sprayed a liquid on the two posters on this particular pole. I am guessing the glasses were because what ever he sprayed was unsafe in some way. He then waited for a few minutes, presumably to let the liquid soak in, before attacking the posters with a scraper.  It took him fifteen minutes of intermittent activity to clean the pole to his satisfaction.  They then drove off, to the next pole, I’m guessing.

We can assume this whole business is to keep our Drive beautiful. However, this was more than negated by the remains of the posters that were just left in the street around the foot of the pole.  Walking down the street later, I saw the remains of their work around several other poles.

Now, I have absolutely no desire to see workers displaced, but I also see no reason to waste my taxes. Between them, the two workers spent 30 minutes of paid time creating more of an eyesore than anything the colourful and informative posters were displaying. And that was for just one pole.

There has to be a better way!

Image: Sign

September 21, 2015

Sign 1

Poem: In Those Days

September 21, 2015

in those days,

when we had nothing to lose,

when a shoestring would have

busted our budget,

you wouldn’t have been mawkish

if we’d lived in a belfry;

you wouldn’t have been angry

if it was ringing with bats.

you’d have loved it, and loved

life and loved me while doing it.


but these days,

when we have everything,

if it’s not designed by a consortium

of the better known architects

we don’t even look,

don’t even disturb our coiffeured

minds for a moment

unless it has the imprimatur

that others love it

and is, therefore, worth loving.