Night Music: Patti Smith’s Gloria

September 18, 2015


Great song, great lyrics.

“Jesus died for somebody’s sins but not mine

meltin’ in a pot of thieves

wild card up my sleeve

thick heart of stone

my sins my own

they belong to me, me”

Reason Not To Use Facebook #214

September 18, 2015

anti-facebookWe have always known that Facebook works hand in glove with both the US government and big business to ensure those two groups know exactly what you are doing and thinking.  That is the prime reason I will never go near FB.  But now, according to Technology News, they intend to make it even worse.

“Facebook’s ad targeting algorithms are about to get a new firehose of valuable and controversial personal data.  Starting next month, the millions of Facebook “Like” and “Share” buttons that publishers have added to their pages and mobile apps will start funneling data on people’s Web browsing habits into the company’s ad targeting systems. After the change, the types of sites you visit could be used to tune ads shown to you inside Facebook’s social networking service, its photo-sharing service Instagram, and mobile apps that use Facebook’s ad network.”

As Rainey Reitman, activism director at Electronic Freedom Frontier says:

“The ‘Like’ data is especially problematic. Most people probably don’t even realize that whenever they load a page with a ‘Like’ button on it, Facebook gets a little information on them.”

It is really peculiar to me that folks believe that a momentary convenience (in some cases, but not even that in others) is worth giving up their complete lack of privacy?


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