GWAC Supports Refugees

September 10, 2015

I saw the GWAC illuminati gather for their Board Meeting on Tuesday night and vaguely wondered what was on their agenda.  I found out some of it at least:  A motion in support of accepting refugees was posted on Facebook in the last little while:

Resolution of the Grandview-Woodland Area Council, September 9, 2015.

Whereas: Millions are seeking asylum, fleeing conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria and often suffering and even dying in the process.
Whereas: Grandview -Woodland is a neighbouhood built by and for immigrants from all over the world. The presence of diverse communities is part of what makes Grandview -Woodland a good place to live. Neighbours have always welcomed refugees here.
Whereas: Organizations like Mosaic and Kinbrace have built a robust refugee settlement and services infrastructure in the neighbourhood.
Whereas: The City of Vancouver’s Local Area Plans for Grandview- Woodland anticipate growth in the area’s population over the coming years.

Be it Resolved That: Grandview -Woodland Area Council is shocked at the deaths that have taken place in this crisis and is moved to speak out in solidarity with refugees. Refugees are welcome in Grandview -Woodland. Grandview Woodland Area Council stands in solidarity with organizations seeking to sponsor and settle refugees in East Vancouver.
Be if Further Resolved That: GWAC urges organizations and residents who are able to sponsor refugees from the region to do so.
Be if Further Resolved That: GWAC urges the federal government to raise the numbers of refugees it intends to permit into Canada from this region and to increase funding for refugee services and resettlement programs.”

Good for them!

Night Music: Roberta Flack

September 10, 2015

Urban Planning: A Date For The Calendar

September 10, 2015

The following is received from the Grandview Woodland Area Council:


Neighbourhoods & Neighbourhood Power
September 14th,  7:00 – 9:00pm:  Learning Resource Centre, Britannia Community Centre

The Urban Planning Process in Vancouver

We are delighted to announce that Scot Hein, former Senior Urban Designer of the City’s much lauded Urban Design Studio is our guest speaker at September’s meeting.  He will provide an overview of the development process, identify who the players are & their respective roles/contributions.   Scot will walk us through the basics of an urban design evaluation & performance review, as well as present the top 10 considerations for a development while sharing the case studies from local neighbourhoods.  He has said he will be pleased to answer your questions & have a conversation, including discussing strategic considerations.  Please do come!

Scot Hein is the University of British Columbia’s Urban Designer, and an Adjunct Professor of Urban Design in UBC’s Masters of Urban Design Programme.  Prior to this work he was the Senior Urban Designer for the City of Vancouver and led the city’s high profile Urban Design Studio for 10 years of his 20 year career.  His work included the urban design and implementation of new plans for the city’s West End, Downtown East Side, Cambie Corridor and Mount Pleasant.  He was responsible for the urban design and development planning of recent large metro core initiatives including Woodward’s, Southeast False Creek/Olympic Village, Mole Hill, Chinatown, the revitalization of Gastown/Victory Square/Hastings Corridor and related public realm projects such as the Granville Mall, Carrall Street Greenway, Pigeon Park, Downtown Historic Trail, CPR ROW and the Silk Road. 

That should be a very informative meeting.  Next Monday folks!