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July 31, 2015



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July 30, 2015

Still Missing After All These Years

July 30, 2015

Forty years ago today Jimmy Hoffa went missing.  If his disappearance hadn’t been such a mystery, this slug of a gangster would have been forgotten decades ago.

Who Needs Public Relations in Planning?

July 30, 2015

There is in Vancouver a breed of the public relations business that seeks to manipulate public opinion and manufacture consent specifically for rezoning hearings and other major development projects.

Developers who take the time to both understand and appreciate the zeitgeist of a neighbourhood have no need of such services. Their empathy with the community wouldn’t allow them to bring forward projects that are so obviously wrong, so clearly inappropriate.

But the developers who are driven by profit or are used to getting their own way, and who choose to ignore the loudly voiced outrage of longtime (and even new) residents, apparently do need such public relations specialists. And it seems likely that Boffo, in the case of the tower on the Drive, have understood this for quite some time.

I have a memory that Pottinger Bird, one of the most preeminent of these PR companies, were involved in some way in the only open house that Boffo have yet put their name to; and that was years ago. I know that Boffo and the Kettle also used Brook Pooni & Associates, another PR company at that time.

Virginia Bird, principal of Pottinger Bird, was working the room at the Open House at Wise Hall this May. Most of the attendees thought this was going to be a Boffo event, but the City of Vancouver had their names all over it. It would be interesting to know what role Ms. Bird and her company played in that particular shambles, and whether they will or have had sight of the feedback from that meeting before we the public have the chance to see it for ourselves.

Pottinger Bird and its operatives have been suspected by some to have links to phony “community groups” and websites that throw support behind a development, to the coaching of “independent” residents who then speak in favour of a disputed project, and to tracking of opposition groups and individuals. They have certainly been active in the West End and in Mount Pleasant, often without identifying themselves as paid lobbyists; and their reputation goes before them.

As I mentioned near the beginning, developers who are genuinely in touch with their neighbourhood don’t have to spend the large sums of money that one can assume these people attract. And you have to wonder why, in this case, Boffo believes it is necessary to spend that money to have a professional company sneaking around when the opposition to their project, the No Tower Coalition, is open and transparent about its aims and its plans, shows up at Grandview Park nearly every day to talk with residents, and maintains an open website.

I have written before about the immoral asymmetry of power and money faced by those opposing the City and developers. Hiring PR consultants to secretly manipulate public opinion is just one more stick they use to try to beat us into submission against our much better judgement. But if we stand firm, we can speak to power, we can turn around this City and get the people back in charge.

No Towers crack the whip

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July 29, 2015

gladioli III

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July 28, 2015

Will We Ever Learn The Truth?

July 27, 2015

Back in 2013 I wrote about my theory that City Planner Brian Jackson and writer Bill Richardson were separated at birth.

Brian and Bill

Now that Jackson has announced his retirement, will we ever learn the truth?