Are We Closing Libraries in Vancouver?

This afternoon we received a call from a survey company working, we understood, for the City. Their questions were about what to do when we run out of money to run our libraries — what library services should be cut? Or should a branch be closed?  No choices we allowed for a higher budget for libraries.

Am I so completely out of the loop?  I had no idea City Council was considering cutting library services or closing branches. Where has been the genuine public consultation (rather just a quick telephone survey) on a matter so important?


2 Responses to Are We Closing Libraries in Vancouver?

  1. There is not a peep of any such trouble on the websites of the Friends of the VPL nor that of the VPL Foundation.

    Welcome to the insidious privatization of the commons that has steadily eroded community assets, places of social connection, and free public information since neoliberalism took a firm hold in Vancouver over the past 15-20 years.

    Who are we to trust anymore? Who will maintain the public sphere and free services that define our democracy and created the educated middle class?

    Dark clouds lie before us.

  2. jakking says:

    That’s pretty much what the ever-loving told the surveyer!

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