Night Music: Get Up, Stand Up

June 22, 2015

Celebrating the Drive, and Opposing Towers

June 22, 2015

Yesterday was Fathers’ Day. It was also warm and sunny as the annual Car Free Day festival on Commercial Drive kicked off.   Not nearly so crowded and frenetic as Italian Day, the Drive was still full of booths and visitors.

I was with the triplet of tents manned by Grandview Heritage Group, GWAC, and the No Towers on Venables group.

GHG 2015 No Car Day crowd

The No Towers on Venables table was particularly busy all day, drawn in perhaps by the magnificent model of what the proposed building might look like and showing just how massively inappropriate it is for the neighbourhood.

Tower model

Hundreds upon hundreds of people signed the petition against the Boffo Tower.

It was a most enjoyable hday for extended chats with folks who came by, for many discussions about the City’s Heritage Action Plan, and a great deal about how well the Drive is standing up to the passing years.

Poem: Five Definitive Movements

June 22, 2015


Childhood is

a flat green blade growing from the stem of a plant,

the absorbing and digesting of

a body of myths


Adolescence is

the property of becoming self-luminous

in the recognition of

fire and hunger and strong desire


Adulthood is

the acceptance of the heat and light caused by burning;

a steady flow that rises

as the tide, and ebbs


Wisdom is

known only to those of special comprehension,

something very white,

a leaf blown across the firmament


Death is

the beginning of all things, the nape

that links the body of one life to

the head of the next