An Activists’ Talk-Fest

June 17, 2015

Tonight is the AGM of the Upper Kits Residents’ Association.  They have their meeting at 7pm at St James Hall, 3214 W. 10th.

Unless you live in Upper Kits, I guess you might be saying: So what?

Well, if you are interested in community activism, especially in light of the wholesale destruction of our neighbourhoods in the name of fast profits for our developer friends, then you might well find value in this evening’s event.

There will be a panel composed of Bette Murphy (long time activist, NSV candidate for City Council, and inveterate op-ed writer), Tracey Moir (leader of the fight against the destruction of the Oakridge and Cambie communities), and my own self (talking about the history of the Grandview Community Plan so far).

It should be fun. Invite yourselves along!


Image: Cans

June 17, 2015

cans I

For Those Of Us With Long Memories …

June 17, 2015

Forty-three years ago today, in a “third rate burglary”, White House operatives broke into the offices of the Democratic National Committee in the Watergate complex in Washington DC. Twenty-one years ago today, OJ Simpson brought the excitement of a low-speed police chase to prime time television.

Only in America, eh?