No Tower @ Commercial & Venables

The opposition to the proposal to build a huge tower on Commercial between Venables and Adanac continues to grow. An organized community group, No Venables Tower, has had a number of productive meetings over the last few weeks, and has formulated plans to oppose any development above four storeys on the site.

This is the first of a number of flyers being distributed throughout the neighbourhood to encourage awareness of the proposal.



One Response to No Tower @ Commercial & Venables

  1. Brian says:

    Opposing “anything over 4 storeys” is very unrealistic and I would go as far to say irresponsible in light of the need for accommodating urban growth in a sustainable manner. The basics of development financing – including non-market supportive housing, and constructing to meet the City’s stringent building code requirements – all push for higher density. Sure, this may possibly be accomplished with a lower height than noted on this pamphlet by the “No Tower” group, and that is something to push back on. But it is very unlikely to meet neighbourhood planning goals, or have a viable economic chance to be built by anyone at only 4 storeys.

    I find the arguments and pictures on the image misleading, very biased and unbalanced. I look forward to reviewing the training application.

    This particular site is in a transition area and a perfect location to accommodate population and enhance the vibrancy of Commercial Drive. The city planning and citizens assembly published a much more balanced document here:

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