Britannia AGM 2015

May 28, 2015

I went to the Britannia AGM last night, held in Gym D.  I was rather disappointed in the turn-out — at the start of the meeting there were sixty or so people in the room.  Quite a few of that sixty were Board members, Britannia staff, candidates for the Board, and student volunteers.  Maybe thirty or so “community members”, I would guess.

And that is a shame because Britannia really is the beating heart of our community. It is highly used and highly prized. I only wish more people would understand the need to come out and support the organization that provides all this for us.  If there is something about Britannia you think could be improved, this is the way to do it.

This is especially true now that the dam that has held back the flow of money needed to upgrade Britannia seems to have cracked.  It is vital that the community stay on top of this project.

It was a rather pedestrian affair, to be honest, with very brief reports from the President, the Treasurer, the Exec Director, and the Planning & Development Committee. It might be good to have a guest speaker each year to atrract a crowd and liven up the evening.

The only excitement of the evening came when Scott Clark, a member of the Board, criticised the Board fiercely for lack of attention to the inclusion of aboriginal youth. Members of the Board stoutly defended their actions. Frankly it was difficult for those us not directly involved to follow what is obviously a closely held internecine battle within the Board.

Nine people stood for election to seven spots on the Board and gave smart little speeches.  I suspect a lot of people left as soon as they had voted.  After a beautiful presented sandwich, salad and dessert buffet, the remainder of the crowd heard that Brendan Boylan, Ye Chu, Susanne Dahlin, Aaron Giesbrecht, Heather Hay, Freya Kristensen, and Tracy Tyrus had been elected (or re-elected).   This is a very young-skewing Board.

I congratulate them for running and I hope that the Board this year is strong enough to face the challenges that a re-development will present.


Night Music: Marley Sings Zimbabwe

May 28, 2015