Parking Chaos

May 13, 2015

I don’t drive very much, and I don’t go to the airport much, but I did both last night and it was a dreadful experience.

I went to pick up my ever-loving at International Arrivals, got there a bit early (thank goodness!) and needed to park as close to the Arrivals as possible because neither of us like to walk very far.  Driving up to the terminal, I followed the Parking signs where I was given the choice between P1, P2 and P3 — no other information so far as I could see. So I went to P1.

It turns out that P1 serves the Canada Terminal, which I didn’t know until I had a ticket and parked. It is miles from the International terminal.  I decided that I needed to go to another lot and so paid the $4 minimum fee for less than two minutes in P1.

I drove around again, and this time chose P2.  When I parked up and left the building, I found that I was still just halfway between the two terminals, a long way from where I needed to be.  Luckily, there was a parking security officer nearby who directed me to the other side of the parking building and I found a spot near the International entrance.

All of this inconvenience (maybe an additional ten minutes) and extra expense was due entirely to a lack of signage, the kind of simple signage that should be expected.  This is most egregious when first approaching the Parking: why on earth can there not be signs saying “P1 = Canada Terminal; P2 = middle of nowhere” for example.  And why not have decent signage within the Parking buildings saying “This side for Canada, that side for International” or similar?

They say that these days we are swamped with information. Just a wee bit of that information would have been helpful last night!

Image: Greenspace IV

May 13, 2015

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