Talk About The Community Plan!

As I have written before, we are now getting down to the nitty gritty on what seems like an endless Grandview-Woodland Community Plan process (which could have been more than a year shorter had Planning bothered to listen to people in the first place!)  Over the next week or so there are a variety of important meetings that I urge concerned residents to attend.

Required background documents for this week include the Citizens’ Assembly draft Neighbourhood-Wide Recommendations document and the CA’s proposed recommendations for the seven sub-areas of GW (which is where the real zoning and housing rubber hits the road).

Our Community, Our Plan is meeting tonight (Thursday) at 7pm at the Britannia Board Room to discuss these documents.  All interested parties should show up and make their views known.

On Monday 4th May, from 6:00pm at the Wise Hall, Boffo Developments and the Kettle will be holding an open house to try to persuade everyone that a 12-15 storey tower at Commercial and Venables is a great idea.  The CA has yet to make a final recommendation for that site, the hesitation being that a for-profit developer is hiding behind a respected local group to plunk a huge market-priced condo tower in the midst of our community.  I hope everyone comes to the Open House to let them know that, much as we support the Kettle, their plans are just wrong for the neighbourhood and there are alternatives that do not require us to sacrifice our space to a private developer.

On Tuesday 5th May at 7:00pm at the Croatian Cultural Centre, the public will get what I understand is our last chance to have any imput into the CA’s Recommendations.  This is a really important session and I urge everyone to sign up as registration is required.  We need to show up and either support or reject the ideas contained in the Recommendations in order to show Council that we care about what happens.

Finally, on Monday 11th May at 7:00pm, GWAC’s regular monthly meeting in the LRC under Britannia Library will be another fine place to register your comments on both the CA’s Recommendations and the Boffo project.

This really is important stuff, folks, and will reflect on our ‘hood for years to come.  Don’t leave it to others to decide Grandview’s future.  Make your voice heard at one or two or all of these meetings. of

See the sorry history of this community outreach debacle.

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