Night Music: Dream Lover

April 20, 2015

Ramping Up The Wattage On The Community Plan

April 20, 2015

A week ago, I wrote about the new Board at GWAC, and praised its apparent re-recognition of activist community issues. I am delighted, therefore, to see such a speedy and thoroughly consistent response to the Motion passed at the meeting.  Director Jim Fraser’s letter, as forwarded by GWAC, is as follows:

* * * * *

April 17, 2015

Dr. Rachel Magnusson
Chair, Citizens’ Assembly on the
Grandview-Woodland Community Plan

Submitted via e-mail

Subject:           Grandview-Woodland Area Council Recommends a 10-year Moratorium on Spot Rezoning

Dear Dr. Magnusson,

At the monthly meeting of the Grandview-Woodland Area Council on Monday, April 13, GWAC unanimously passed a motion recommending a moratorium on spot rezoning in Grandview-Woodland for 10 years.

During the discussion of the motion, speakers noted that in other neighbourhoods, such as Mount Pleasant, spot rezoning has been used by the city to circumvent local area plans and introduce development projects very different than those envisaged by community plans.  Such spot rezoning has undermined the effectiveness and intent of community plans.  Speakers also commented that spot rezoning has often been used to permit large condominium tower projects and that, once a Grandview-Woodland Community Plan is in place, spot zoning should not be used to permit such projects where the plan does not allow for them.

The Citizens’ Assembly’s final report and recommendations have not been issued yet, so obviously GWAC has no position on whether it supports or not the report and any or all of the recommendations it may contain.  However, it is GWAC’s view, that once a community plan has been adopted by the City, after the extensive Assembly process and the numerous public consultation meetings within the community, the City should not then invalidate the adopted Community Plan in an ad-hoc manner by the use of spot-zoning.  Such an outcome would be extremely disrespectful of the extensive work put in by the members of the Citizens’ Assembly, as well as to other members of the community who have provided input by attending city community planning workshops, through written submissions, or in other ways.

The explicit intent of the motion was that it be conveyed to you and, through you, to all of the members of the Citizens’ Assembly, and to strongly urge the Citizens’ Assembly to include a strong direction for such a moratorium in its final report and plan to the city.


Jim Fraser,
on behalf of the Grandview Woodland Area Council
* * * * *

Good stuff!  We need to make sure that issues that are truly vital (spot rezoning, for example, height and FSR limits, amenity requirements) are laid out and played out in public so that it cannot be said, by Planners, perhaps, or Council members down the road, that the issues didn’t come up, or no one thought them important enough to debate.

It would be good to see OCOP and others endorsing this letter or sending their own.

Food For the Wary Traveler

April 20, 2015

In a couple of days, the ever-loving is off for her annual trip to the kids and the Mid-West. Wichita may have some wonderful attractions (wait, they’ll come to me soon) but the kind of food we are used to on the west coast is just not one of them. There are Chinese restaurants, of course, but no dim sum; and who, frankly, would risk sushi so far from any coast?

So, we have spent the last week or so making many of our favourites for dinner each evening.  Last night we had magnificient sushi (et al), and this morning, in this glorious shirt-sleeve weather, we toodled off to Western Lake to indulge in the best dim sum in town. And it was, the best. We ate so much I am sure we will just snack tonight.

Poem: Complaints Desk

April 20, 2015



She fumed

and fumed loud.


And, as she

disabused me

of my place

in the human

race — given

my lineage

must be replete

with morons and

monkeys —

her otherwise neat

and clipped


was interlarded

with sailors’ slang

and potty talk,

and ended with

a red-faced



“Fair dinkum, gal,”

I replied,

smiled the smile

that’ll usually

sink ’em.


nothing. I sighed

and completed

the refund

that would send

her away.


Thank God,

I’m stoned

all day.


Happy 420!

April 20, 2015