Jak’s Health Tips #1

April 3, 2015

Baking bread and making a double batch of pizza dough on the same day is a good workout for the shoulders and arms. It is a fine exercise without any of those troublesome monthly gym fees or noxious fumes you get while jogging or cycling.

And best of all, you get to eat what you make: all calories carefully recycled.  Works for me.

Image: Shadows On Wood

April 3, 2015

shadows on wood

Poem: (Lo)ve

April 3, 2015

ecce homo
this Jew ex machina
who’s purloined Pauline
crashed the Whore
of Rome’s machinery

— a sudden stoppage
in the
constant(ine) gears
which had weathered
the (st)orms
of barbarism and buffoonery —

died on a tree
say it
(s)aint so
devoid of (e)motion
qui(e)t, silent even
as the public gawked
and prodded
b(lo)ody hands agape.

Agape! he cries,
through the tears
renting his b(lo)ody flesh
almost as ba(l)dly
as we have
rented his b(lo)ody
super(ficial) image
through the years

in the
par(ox)ysm of death
he begged
his go(o)d forgive
those who
(k)illed him
with their fears