Our New Neighbourhood Library

This afternoon, under the bluest of skies and with warm spring weather, was unveiled the newest addition to Grandview’s collection of neighbourhood book houses.  This one is at the south west corner of Napier and Salsbury.

The pristine box unveiled by two young neighbours (l); and then with some books (r)

The pristine box unveiled by two young neighbours (l); and then with some books (r)

The edifice was built by Stephen Holmes who lives just a few doors down, and the marvelous event for the unveiling was organized by his partner and inveterate community activist Penny Street.  There was a marvelous turnout of friends and neighbours …

library crowd

… many of whom brought books for the house.  This wonderful crowd was thoroughly entertained by a small brass band, the Balkan Schmalkan group.

library band

I am reliably informed that this was the group’s first gig, having been formed only in January, and they were plenty good.  I hope they do well.

Beside the book house, the owners of the Salsbury Garden houses on the corner have set up a small parklet, with a bench and space for greenery.

library parklet

I suspect and hope that this will become a lively neighbourhood stopping place, where friends and strangers can rest a while and get to know each other.  All in all this is a marvelously conceived and executed project.  Well done to all involved!

2 Responses to Our New Neighbourhood Library

  1. pennystreet546 says:

    balkanshmalkan@gmail.com What a fine brass band! Thanks so much, Jak, for your kind words!

  2. dbarkley2014 says:

    I arrived late, when the party was almost over, but am glad I did. A lovely piece of community initiative that I know will become an almost immediate gathering place. Just lovely.

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