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February 26, 2015

Wild West in Van East!

February 26, 2015

I found a story today in which the eastside of Vancouver was like the Wild West!

“A daring attempted holdup was made on a laundry driver Saturday night at 6 o’clock, when three men pointed three revolvers at S. Robinson and ordered him to hold up his hands. The driver’s presence of mind stood him in good stead, and whipping his horse, drove off at a furious gait amid a fusilade of revolver shots …

The theory advanced by the police is that a band of desperate characters are camping in the vicinity of the city in Hastings making nightly visits to the city while they spend the day in seclusion in the fastness of the forest somewhere in Hastings townsite.

This was our fair city in 1910.  Catch the rest of the story of desperados and revolvers at the Grandview Heritage Group site.

Reason NOT to use Facebook #212

February 26, 2015

As if we don’t have enough reasons not to use Facebook, they keep shooting themselves in the foot. Now they are not accepting Native American names as “authentic”, and making users go to the bother of sending documentation to prove their own names.

In October, a number of people — with names like Lance Browneyes and Shane Creepingbear — had had their accounts suspended because of their names … “They didn’t like the unusual capitalization,” said [Kimberley] TallBear, whose name appears as one word with a capital B on government issued identification …

TallBear says there are specific reasons that Facebook would flag aboriginal names as suspect. One of them, she says, is that the conversation about race in America generally doesn’t include indigenous people.  “There’s this national narrative in the United States that we’re all dead and gone,” said TallBear.

This whole affair shows that FB has a very Euro-centric view of “normality” and that there is a distinct lack of diversity within the organization.


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