Commercial Drive: A View of The Future?

In September 2012 the Commercial Drive Business Development Society (aka the Drive BIA) commissioned a report called “Vision + Design Guidelines” to be used as input to the then-proposed Community Plan process for Grandview-Woodland.  The report was drawn up by the well-respected Urban Forum Associates. This Report was made public at a GWAC meeting in early 2013.

Unfortunately, this important document has rarely seen the light of day since then, which is a shame because one doesn’t have to agree with all the conclusions to find a number of interesting ideas within its well thought out pages.

As we are rapidly approaching the Citizens’ Assembly’s consultative walk along the Drive (March 1st) and, presumably a Workshop on the Drive (date tbd), it is necessary that all stakeholders understand the many perspectives on the future of our main street. Therefore, I am making available the BIA’s “Vision + Design Guidelines” document that was given to me back in 2013.  I have scanned the document as well as I can and have excluded a number of blank and heading pages. No substantive content is excluded.

You can read or download the report here:  BIA Report 2012.

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