Meeting A Hero Of Mine

Last night was the monthly meeting of the Grandview Heritage Group. It was another packed house and a number of interesting topics were discussed.  However, the highlight was the presence of Jack Burch, former owner, editor and publisher of the The Highland Echo.

Bruce Macdonald recently video-interviewed Jack about growing up in Grandview and we saw the interview last night. Jack, who is now in his 90s, and his  lovely wife Jean, honoured us with their presence. They are both healthy and active and articulate, and they were happy to answer our questions after the video.

Those of you who have read my history of the Drive will know that that history could not have been written without access to the incredible resource that was “The Highland Echo“.  It was our paper, stubbornly local and always opinionated, just like the neighbourhood it represented.  Jack and Jean and their family managed to keep it going for decades as a small family business, competing head-to-head with the rest of the municipal and regional media.

It was a joy to meet with him and have him share his memories with us.

We were equally privileged to receive from him four framed copies of the Echo from various points in its history. These are artifacts we shall treasure and they will, we hope, be an important part of the Grandview Museum that is planned for the near future.

The minutes of last night’s meeting will be up on the Grandview Heritage Group’s website in the next day or so.

One Response to Meeting A Hero Of Mine

  1. B Macdonald says:

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    Within every family group of grandparents, parents, grandchildren, aunts and uncles and so on, there is usually perhaps one person who is interested in genealogy, racial history or national history.

    This person is the one who is now able to record an amazing and unprecedented amount of video history of the people in their own family. Any smart phone now has a FREE high definition video camera and FREE movie making software. Soon you will be able to get an Academy Award for doing a simple film by yourself.

    Apart from children, this is your only real (better) personal IMMORTALITY – infinitely better than a few words carved in stone on your grave marker.

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