January 21, 2015

In some circles, narrative history, especially as taught in schools, is disparagingly called ODTAA — One Damn Thing After Another — and indicates the replacement of scholarly analysis with the simple acceptance of a sort of inevitable forward movement. Disparage it all you want, but sometimes life is just like that. Take today for example.

In the sparkling brightness of this morning, the ever-loving and I took the bus to Western Lake for a mid-week dim sum treat. Inevitably, the sunshine and the slight nip in the air gave me the appetite to eat a tremendous amount of delicious food. This, in turn, led to the inevitable extended nap in which I wasted away the entire afternoon in ponderous dreaming, rising only, of course, to write this post before engaging in another bout of anticipation  regarding dinner time.

Don’t try this at home, folks — unless you are happily retired, in which case, this sort of empty but thoroughly enjoyable narrative helps fill our days with delight.

Image: Cool Hot Dog

January 21, 2015

hot dog_small