Night Music: Nothing Compares To You

January 12, 2015

Poem: Magnetic North

January 12, 2015

You are magnetic north;

All my paths converge on you.


You are the tropics;

my Cancer and my Capricorn.


You are the forests;

the leafy groves where my dreams dwell.


You are the mountains,

with heights I could not imagine.


You are the seven seas;

I bob on your waves and tides.


You are the equator;

the widest part of my existence.

You are my world.

What Are We Doing To The Planet #5

January 12, 2015

The following articles about our effect on the earth have caught my eye this week.


fracking1Of all the lower 48 US States, Oklahoma experienced the most earthquakes in 2014 and, though some still reuse to believe the connection, they are clearly related to the amount of oil and gas fracking that has gone on in that State. “”Who’d have ever thought we’d start having so many earthquakes out here in the middle of the country?” asked Max Hess, a county commissioner in Grant County, which had 135 quakes last year. He also thinks the quakes are related to oil and gas.

A study from UBC has found that auto exhausts can affect human DNA, even after just a short exposure.

Volunteers were observed in a closed booth while breathing diluted and aged exhaust fumes, equivalent to what one would find in a Beijing Highway or Metro Vancouver port. In two hours, the chemical coating attached to many parts of a person’s DNA had changed. “Over the lifetime of an individual…this could lead to accumulated changes that effectively lead to the diseases that we see due to air pollution.” [Dr. Chris] Carlsten, [an associate professor in the Division of Respiratory Medicine] said the results of the study could lead to exhaust fumes being linked to asthma, higher blood pressure and other conditions.”

A new study from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute “highlights the multiple threats to coral reef ecosystems, which provide critical buffers to shoreline erosion, sustain fisheries that feed hundreds of millions of people, and harbor 25 percent of all marine species.”  The study indicates that “nutrient pollution to the coastal ocean from human activity such as runoff from sewers, septic tanks, roads, and fertilizers” reduces the pH levcel of the ocean and provides nutrients for organisms that erode coral — a double whammy.  “[T]heir most striking finding was that in waters with a combination of high nutrient levels and lower-pH, bio-erosion is ten times higher than in lower-pH waters without high nutrient levels.


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