Night Music: Happy 70th Birthday Rod Stewart

January 10, 2015

I Am A Man Lucky Of Tarts

January 10, 2015


Some of the ever-loving’s fabulous egg custard tarts.  I’m a lucky guy!

Free Speech and US Allies

January 10, 2015

I have already written about the Saudi blogger who has been (and will continue to be) flogged for stating his political opinions. Now another major ally, South Korea, has shown its absolute disregard for free speech by deporting a woman who wrote in a friendly way about North Korea.

Both of these anti-freedom states (just like dictatorial Egypt and apartheid Israel) are armed with the most modern and lethal weapons by the United States, and are fully protected diplomatically. The State Department flaps its gums about these current events, but the delivery of death-dealing arms never stops.

As in real life, actions (by the imperialist “Defence” Department) show a great deal more about truth than meaningless phrases of disapproval.