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January 8, 2015

The Thugs In Saudi Arabia Strike Again

January 8, 2015

BadawiI don’t venture too often into global politics on this blog, but a situation in the anti-democratic feudal thuggery known as Saudi Arabia obliges me on this occasion — and I hope every blogger picks up on it.

The vicious, misogynistic, terrorist-funding, and family-enriching Saudi regime is about to publicly flog a blogger simply for raising public awareness of issues in his country that need to be discussed. Flogged. Fifty lashes every Friday for the next twenty weeks. Try to imagine that, just for stating an opinion.

The blogger, Raif Badawi, is also serving ten years in prison for the same offence, and his lawyer was given fifteen years simply for defending him.

This sentence is imposed by the same disgusting, decapitation-happy Saudi dictatorship that the US and Canada fawn over and arm to the teeth. That makes our governments complicit in whatever the Saudis do.