Image: Industrial Sculpture #1

December 9, 2014

Industrial Sculpture no 1

A Community Plan, Or A Farce?

December 9, 2014

Since I wrote my piece about last Saturday’s Grandview-Woodland Community Plan meeting I have received several more eye-witness accounts of the event — and none of them make it sound any better.

One wrote that “we also had a table that seemed to be stacked in favour of the city’s density agenda, mainly because like the other tables we were saddled with a pro-density city employee as our leader and our spokesperson.”  Another wrote to me, talking about this being just another valueless “sticky note” exercise, and a third wrote describing the “farcical exercise.”

I was also sent the “Backgrounder” circulated both before and at the meeting. My correspondent pointed out that the City staff couldn’t even get the names of the streets right!

wrong streets 2The devil is in the details, they say. This wasn’t a junior high school show-and-tell class where you might expect an error or two; this was a presentation by our well-paid and well-equipped City Planning staff.  Do foolish mistakes like this indicate a lack of care?  You have to wonder.

Going Round The Bend

December 9, 2014

I love escalators; they are a fine form of transportation. And here, at last, is the first escalator that can go around any curves required by the architect.

What a neat development!


First published in September 2010