Image: Glass & Brick #2

December 5, 2014


Where Are The Nests?

December 5, 2014

We were oiut walking the other day, in this crisp light we’ve been having for a few days.  The trees are shorn of all their cover right now, just about at their barest, with their beautiful structural essence exposed.  We noticed that in all the trees between our house and Commercial, along Adanac and including Salsbury Park, only one had a birds’ nest amid the branches.  Just one.

And it got us to thinking that in both our memories nearly all the trees in the neighbourhood used to have nests visible in the winter. But not now it seems.

This is not an area that has suddenly become residential with road traffic overnight; we’ve been this way a hundred years or so.  The crowds of crows still cross over here twice a day to and from the rookery. So the suddenness of the disappearance of the birds’ nests — if our memories are true — doesn’t have any obvious local cause.

I wonder where and why they went?