Honest Republicans Should Weep With Shame

November 24, 2014

Regardless of whether you agree or not that the riots in Ferguson are justified, the following sequence of tweets by Todd Kincannon, recently the Executive Director of the South Carolina Republican Party, should shock.


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This is the same party that now controls Congress in Washington DC.  God help us all!

Night Music: “Chances Are”

November 24, 2014

A Happy Lunch

November 24, 2014

Yesterday was the birthday of our friend Eric.  Some of us took him out for lunch today at Seasons In the Park.

Lunch for Eric

Here we have (left to right) Dorothy Barkley, Michael Kluckner, myself, the ever-loving, and birthday boy Eric Philips.

The food was great and the company even better.  Given our backgrounds — having gotten to know each other through the Grandview Heritage Group — it is not surprising we spent time discussing heritage issues, history, the use of various woods in building and elsewhere, recycling, and local development issues.

A marvelous couple of hours!


Wise Words

November 24, 2014

The French Really Know …

November 24, 2014

… how to advertise orange juice!


November 24, 2014

the autobiography of a mayfly
would be as short as a page
and as dense as perfect memory

the madness of dashing hither and yon
across the summer’s blue distance
to seek the one mate of perfect desire

the need to avoid the bloodletting wars
of birds and trout at cool water’s edge
to arrive in one piece at the perfect place

the keenness of invention, of new hieroglyphics,
to tempt her away from the maddening crowds
to sing her, to win her with this perfect dance

the sense of fulfillment, slowly drifting to earth
with all power spent, all duty completed
to remember, to listen to the end of this perfect life