Night Music: So What

November 18, 2014

Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Wynton Kelly, Jimmy Cobb Paul Chambers & arranger Gil Evans.  A TV recording from 1959.

The Spoiler: Vancouver First

November 18, 2014

In the mayoral race, there was no spoiler.  It was a straight up three-horse race, and Vision won by a decent stretch.  Had Bob Kasting stayed in the race, he would in large part have taken anti-Vision votes away from NPA and thus widened the gap even further. In the end it didn’t matter.

But it isn’t so simple when you look at the numbers in the all-important Council contests.  It seems to me that the vast majority of Vancouver First votes would have come from the conservative side of the NPA. Had Vancouver First not interjected itself into the Council race, it is reasonable to suppose that some or all of their vote would have gone to NPA candidates.

Ian Robertson and Gregory Baker were less than 3,000 votes shy of overtaking both Geoff Meggs and Tim Stevenson.  Just a reasonable part of the 17,000 votes received by Mercedes Wong and the 9,000 votes given to Federico Fuocco if given to Robertson and Baker would have given us a Mayor and Council (5 Vision, 5 NPA, 1 Green) in which Adriane Carr held the casting vote in any disputes between the bigger parties.

But that isn’t to be because Vancouver First decided to expand from its natural home in Parks Board politics and move into more general muncipal issues with a conservative twist.  That decision, that vote splitting on the right, has in large measure given us a Vision majority for another four years.

Southern Comfort

November 18, 2014

It was a slam bam thank you ma’am kind of night.
“It’s alright,” she said with a slight frisson of uncertainty perhaps
as she unwraps and taps the money-box on the dresser.
He pays to caress her, to possess her as she bumps and grinds
and too quickly finds the kind of passion paid for.
He wants more before he’ll leave: sixteen and still hard.
But she’s on guard, body barred against free love.
Push came to shove.  Above his pleas she screamed and screamed
until the apartment teemed with neighbours and passers-by
who wondered why this nigger came by and by
to be in a white girl’s room.

It’s a warm, hormone-rushing, mosquito-swarming kind of night.
Fox-fire bright, passions tightly wound and sprung.
No brass bells are rung, no masses sung, but masses gather to enjoy
the black boy toy with the last of his time on a slippery slope
as the hempen rope grips and gropes for his hopeless neck.

The Breakfast of Champions

November 18, 2014

dimsum 141118

And this was just the beginning of another fine mid-morning dimsum experience at Western Lake. There were dumplings and chou fan and lychee-goji berry gelatins to follow. And good hot tea. Always busy, seven days a week, the staff at Western Lake manage to keep smiling which makes the whole place seem friendly and comfortable. To know this place is to love it.

Just deciding on a whim to go there on a Tuesday morning is one of the great joys of retirement.