What A Glorious Day

November 15, 2014

This was truly one of the most glorious days of the year.  The temperature was bracing, but there was no wind.  The sun shone brightly in a nearly-clear blue sky.  My kind of weather.  It was the perfect day to stand in line outside Britannia High School Gym waiting to cast votes in the municipal election, as were scores of people in Grandview today.  They all seemed happy to stand, wrapped up warm, while the line moved forward and people disappeared inside.

Who knows what the turnout will be, but it looked strong from what I could see.

We shared another very fine breakfast at Skylight, happy to see Eva’s place full.  After, the ever-loving went her way to shop, and I took the bus up to JJ Bean’s for an election day interview with the Courier.

I walked home in the cold bright sunshine, striding, smiling, stopping to chat politics several times.  I collected leaves for herself to use as mulch on her garlic bulbs.  Then I put on my slippers and had a cup of tea.

That’s enough excitement for one day — at least until the election results start coming in.

Today’s the Day – Go Vote!

November 15, 2014