Remembrance Day 2014 at Grandview Park

2014 Remembrance


We had a very big service at Grandview Park this morning; I cannot recall the Park ever having so many people at one time.  I guess events in Ottawa and Quebec, and the 100th anniversary of World War One, may have combined to bring out the crowds.  It was a beautiful sunny day, but cold and with a chill wind.  It was a day for hats and scarves and big coats and standing in respectful silence.

Libby Davis, MP, laid the wreath for Canada, while MLAs Shane Simpson and Jenny Kwan did the same for their provincial ridings.  Councillors Louie, Meggs, and Reimer presented for the City.  Their were lots of other wreaths, too, with representatives from Hong Kong, Italy, the US, and the Philippines, along with more local groups.

At the time in the ceremony when a singer was supposed to lead the singing of “Abide With Me“, she was apparently not available.  No worries; one group by Commercial began singing, and another group on the west side of the Park began singing.  And pretty soon everyone was singing, and occasionally, but only occasionally, everybody was in synch.  Either way it was moving.


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