Waiting For The Subway

Vision’s Gregor Robertson on the campaign trail is pleased to say over and over again that there will be 250,000 riders on the first day his Broadway subway opens.

He never bothers to point out, however, that those same 250,000 residents will have been waiting at a bus stop in the pouring rain for at least 8-10 years before Gregor’s subway arrives.  He also fails to mention that this same 250,000 riders will have to get out in the rain at Arbutus and wait for a bus to take them to UBC.

Better we should forget a $3bn hole in the ground in ten years time, and start fixing the system right across the City today.


One Response to Waiting For The Subway

  1. Mike says:

    What simple, short sighted thinking. Short term and long term planning are not mutually exclusive. The Metro transit plan that includes the Broadway subway also includes transit upgrades across the entire region.

    Being against Broadway rapid transit now means mortgaging our future. Disliking Gregor should not mean opposing good policy out of spite.

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