Wall With Window

November 7, 2014

Wall With Window

Waiting For The Subway

November 7, 2014

Vision’s Gregor Robertson on the campaign trail is pleased to say over and over again that there will be 250,000 riders on the first day his Broadway subway opens.

He never bothers to point out, however, that those same 250,000 residents will have been waiting at a bus stop in the pouring rain for at least 8-10 years before Gregor’s subway arrives.  He also fails to mention that this same 250,000 riders will have to get out in the rain at Arbutus and wait for a bus to take them to UBC.

Better we should forget a $3bn hole in the ground in ten years time, and start fixing the system right across the City today.

Changes On The Drive #39

November 7, 2014

I did the walk for this report quite a few days ago, walking between rainstorms, but then politics got in the way and I have just found time to post this.  Not many changes this month; the Drive seems stable.

Down at the Marquee, at the southern end of my sphere, they still have one storefront (2290 Commercial) vacant.  However, the JamJar Lebanese Restaurant at 2280 is now open, and getting good reveiews though price seems to be an issue.

Further north, the J,N, Z meat store at 1729 in the Brandon Building is still closed.  We are now beyond the four months they suggested for their closure.

The long-established Sake Maki Japanese place at 1414 Commercial is now closed for renovations.  They should reopen about 21st November.  In the meanwhile, they have removed the faux-balcony cast iron railings at the front of the building.

As for the rest, it is just “still vacant” that is to be reported.  These include 1458, 1268, 1108, 1102 and 903 Commercial.  The Florida at 1102 is said to be preparing a coffee shop (yes, another one), while the new Thai place at 903 is scheduled to open in January 2015.

That’s it this month.

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