Violence By Men Against Women Is Wrong. Period.

I have no idea whether Jian Ghomeihi did or did not do to the eight women what they claim he did.  If it did happen, I have no idea (other than what the parties say) whether those actions were consensual or not.  None of that matters to me, to be honest, though I recognize that has bearing on any civil or criminal case that may follow.

What matters to me is that Ghomeshi has admitted that he was violent with women in order to achieve sexual gratification. This is not fetishism or kinkiness. You can dress it up as some sort of sexual freedom, but the fact is this is nothing but violence and abuse by a powerful man against less-powerful women.  Nothing more need be said.

By his own admissions, Ghomeshi has declared himself to be a dangerous violent animal and he should be shunned (at the very least) for that.

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