Priceless Indeed…

October 28, 2014

Geoff Olsen’s editorial cartoon for the Courier today is perfect.

courier comic

Support Bouey & Giesbrecht For School Board

October 28, 2014

I haven’t spent a long time following the Vancouver School Board elections, to be honest, what with so much going on at the Mayoral and Council level.  However, I have seen a lot of tweets from Vision’s School Board candidates and it is clear to me that they are just Vision clones, happy to spin the latest words of wisdom from Mike Magee without any thought of their own.

Vision’s breakfast program is a great idea but why, do you think, they announced it just days before an election and not three or six years ago when, being in power, they could have put it in place to the benefit of our children?  Clearly, this has a lot more to do with re-election than it does with needy kids. These baby Visionistas are no different from their older colleagues and, like their Council counterparts, we need to kick the bums out.

I will be voting for Jane Bouey and Gwen Giesbrecht of the Public Education Project.  I know them both and am convinced they are sincere in their devotion to quality public education: Jane, of course, has already shown her value with two terms on School Board; Gwen has worked for my neighbourhood through her involvement with Britannia Community Centre.  These are genuinely good folks and I urge you to vote for them.