Happy Birthday, Laura Nyro!

October 18, 2014

Today would have been the birthday of the incomparable Laura Nyro.

This Sporting Life #11

October 18, 2014

I believe It started with the extraordinarily good fish cakes, I made.  They were so good that we found ourselves in a mellow, satisfied mood.  This contrasted strongly with much of the early afternoon which I had spent arguing with Clr Andrea Reimer, who seems to think that a simple apology noting a mistake she made would be the equivalent of a mortal sin against which she must wriggle with all her might.

Bsck to the fish cake-based good mood.  While in this post-dinner euphoric state, the ever-loving and I realized that, being about midnight already, it was only two hours before the New Zealand All Blacks faced the Australian Wallabies in an important rugby match.  We could have recorded it, of course, but where’s the fun in that!  Tea and toast got us through the next couple of hours.

And it was worth it.  The All Blacks are the very best team in the world, recognized by everyone for their superiority.  This compares with the Australian team that had been rent by internal disputes off the pitch in the week leading up to the match. They were expected to be crushed by the All Blacks. But nothing could have been farther from what actually happened.

The All Blacks scored first and quickly and it looked as though the predictions were accurate.  However, the Wallabies regrouped and pressed the NZers so hard that, with just five minutes to go, the All Blacks were down 22 to 28 and a completely unanticipated defeat stared them in the face.  But this is the brilliant All Blacks. A wonderful running try, and a conversion on the final whistle pushed the champions into a glorious 29-28 victory.  A truly great game of rugby, ending at 4am our time.

Four hours later, I am up and watching my beloved football team, Chelsea, stay undefeated in the season, beating another London team, Crystal Palace, without too much trouble!   What a good night/morning!

Now, perhaps after a nap, I have to write up an detailed anatomy of Andrea Reimer’s mistake and her pit-bull like refusal to accept the reality of the situation and fess up to a simple mistake.  As they always say, the cover-up tends to be even less salubrious than the crime itself.

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