Why We Go To War

October 11, 2014


Here is a reminder from 2008 about the real reason our leaders send us to war.



Entrepreneur Idea #1

October 11, 2014

As a diabetic, I test my blood sugars several times a day.  I use a sophisticated testing machine that the manufacturer gives me for free. They make their money from my purchase of the testing strips that these machines require — one for every test.

This gave me the idea — which I offer to the oil companies for a very tiny royalty — that Big Oil should buy all the automakers and give away cars to anyone who wants them. Big Oil would continue to make their enormous profits from our purchase of the gasoline that these cars will require. Moreover, by giving away free cars, they are likely to prolong their own marketability.

What shall we say?  10% of 1% of revenues for my royalty sounds perfectly reasonable.