Profit Uber Alles

uberlogoAs a consistent critic of the current taxi regime in Vancouver, my immediate reaction to hearing that Uber wants to open in our city was applause.  However, it seems that Uber is not a good employer. In fact, they appear to be predatory employers with their eye solely on the bottom line.

I hope that all current taxi drivers here read “Against Sharing” before signing up.  There is clearly major discontent among Uber drivers in many American cities, while the company grows its value like Topsy.

Do we really need more bottom-feeding  here?  Better that the City reduce the current taxi shortage by doubling and tripling the number of legal cabs in Vancouver.

3 Responses to Profit Uber Alles

  1. The problem in Vancouver is that the city practically gives away livery medallions. The value of a taxi license is roughly 2,000 times the cost. There is a huge advantage in hoarding the medallions and keeping many cabs idle. Those that are out there are busier than busy, and bringing in more each. Lower labour and equipment costs, and higher profits ensure. But service to the public, not so much.

  2. out of place says:

    More taxis aren’t needed. There is barely enough business at times in the city to make it worth driving a cab. The whole taxi business is messed up. No one will make enough money from Uber either. They are crooks.

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