What A Fall!

October 7, 2014

city walk in fall

The ever-loving and I went out for breakfast this morning; a short but very pleasant walk.  It was so sunny that I took the opportunity to wear shorts and a short-sleeved shirt; who knows when I might get another chance this year?

Beautiful weather, beautiful walk, and beautiful breakfast at Skylight.  What a fabulous morning!

Most Parties Endorse Coalition’s New Planning Process

October 7, 2014

The Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods has issued the following very hopeful press release:


Municipal Parties Endorse Coalition’s Collaborative Approach to Planning

The Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods is proud to announce that the NPA, COPE, Vancouver Greens, OneCity, Cedar Party, and independent Bob Kasting, have now endorsed the Coalition’s proposal for improving the planning and development process in the City.

One of the major news stories in Vancouver last year was the unprecedented level of discontent with planning and development in neighbourhoods across our city. In response to these concerns 24 diverse communities from all across the city came together to form the Coalition, with a common goal to fix these divisive processes. All member neighbourhood associations gave input to establish principles for a collaborative planning process.

Following those discussions, in April this year the Coalition issued a document called “Principles & Goals” outlining a new and more respectful relationship between the City and our neighbourhoods. The “Principles” define a collaborative, accountable, and transparent partnership that views Vancouver as a community rather than a commodity, and which will produce a livable, inclusive, and sustainable city.

Last month, the Coalition announced a pre-election meeting to which all municipal parties have been invited. The two-hour Town Hall will take place from 7:00pm on Wednesday, 15th October at St. James’ Hall, 3214 W. 10th Avenue. Entitled “Planning, Development, and Community Engagement: Putting The Community Back Into Community Planning, this town hall meeting will investigate how parties plan to bring peace to a divided city.

Georgia Straight editor, Charlie Smith, will moderate the discussion with a focus on the Coalition’s “Principles and Goals”.

We call on all parties and candidates in Vancouver to endorse this new collaborative approach before the election in November, and we invite the public to attend and submit their written questions to candidates.


The only party with mayoral or Council candidates not to endorse the new planning paradigm is Vision Vancouver — what a surprise!

Profit Uber Alles

October 7, 2014

uberlogoAs a consistent critic of the current taxi regime in Vancouver, my immediate reaction to hearing that Uber wants to open in our city was applause.  However, it seems that Uber is not a good employer. In fact, they appear to be predatory employers with their eye solely on the bottom line.

I hope that all current taxi drivers here read “Against Sharing” before signing up.  There is clearly major discontent among Uber drivers in many American cities, while the company grows its value like Topsy.

Do we really need more bottom-feeding  here?  Better that the City reduce the current taxi shortage by doubling and tripling the number of legal cabs in Vancouver.