Voter Suppression on the East Side?

Apparently there is an attempt to suppress the advanced polling vote on the east side by using tactics familiar to everyone who follows Republican politics south of the border.

According to the City’s own website, there are no advance polling stations in the neighbourhoods of DTES, Strathcona, Grandview-Woodland and Mount Pleasant.  How can that be?

Why are so many Vancouver citizens on the eastside forced to travel by bus or walk long distances simply to exercise their constitutional franchise when easy access is available on the west side, downtown and in south Vancouver? Are there no suitable buildings available on our side of the City, or is there another more invidious reason?

There are tens of thousands of eligible voters being slapped in the face by this omission.  They have four weeks to fix this.  I bet they don’t.

4 Responses to Voter Suppression on the East Side?

  1. Mark A says:

    That’s because Vision knows that they are not to popular in those neighbourhoods.
    I hope they fix it as I live in Mount Pleasant and won’t be voting for moonbeam

  2. A Drive flaneur says:

    And I wouldn’t say that the Eastside Thunderbird Community Centre Advanced Poll is very central.

    It is on the eastern edge of the city and 400 metres walk from the bus stop according to Google Maps. And it will be confused with the Thunderbird Elementary School.

    And an hours walk (4.5 km) from Britannia Community Centre and as I said above, if you know where the Thunderbird Centre is. It is NOT visible from the main streets.

    We are not going south to the Killarney Centre, too far.

    “Locations of Advanced Polls: Vancouver City Hall, Kerrisdale Community Centre, Killarney Community Centre, Kitsilano Community Centre, Roundhouse Community Centre, Sunset Community Centre, Thunderbird Community Centre, West End Community Centre.”

  3. Mike Hansen says:

    Not one independent candidate was invited??? What the fucks up with that??? The “treacherous trollops” at DTES Votes should be ashamed for disrespecting the ‘democratic process!!!

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