How We Spend Saturdays In Grandview

This morning I will be attending the Housing Perspectives forum put on for the Citizens’ Assembly.  It is a thoroughly unrepresentative panel but this is one of the few opportunities we get to see the Assembly at work, and so it is worth attending.

This afternoon, along with a colleague, I will be presenting OCOP’s position on the Plan process to groups of Assembly members, four at a time, who will be speed-dating their way around a dozen groups at 12 minutes per group.  The whole thing is another failure in a deeply flawed process, but at least we get this brief chance to say that out loud.


One Response to How We Spend Saturdays In Grandview

  1. I can’t wait to watch how re-education and ‘manufactured consent’ is orchestrated in this particular city exercise. I also want to experience just how cynical or inured people have become after over a decade (and maybe much longer) of this modern-day urban planning colonialism.

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