Good Family Food

September 26, 2014

This evening, the ever-loving and I went for dinner to Tom & Jerry’s on Hastings by Slocan.  I used to go there almost every Saturday morning for breakfast when I did my weekly laundry in a place that used to be on that block in the 1990s.  Herself and I even had a Christmas dinner there about a dozen years ago .

It hasn’t changed much since I was last there, though I think they name may have changed to “Moulin Rouge”.  It is a family oriented restaurant that specializes in roadhouse-fare such as breaded veal cutlets, baby back liver, and Salisbury steak.  It is clean and friendly and extraordinarily value-oriented.  The boss had the salmon special, while I had a schnitzel.  The servings were enormous (neither of us managed to finish our plates) and the food was  certainly a lot more than adequate.  With a (good-sized) glass of wine, we spent less than $30 and both of us are complaining about how full we feel!

This is not a multi-star restaurant with a huge reputation, but I enjoyed my dinner more than I have in many establishments ten times the price and with gourmet stars.  Good for them!