Nosmo King the 18th

ASHTRAY-MKT-52Yet another year without cigarettes. Eighteen years, wow.

It might seem tedious to keep harping on this year after year, but frankly I think giving up smoking after 35 years of slavery to the habit was the smartest and bravest thing I ever did. And I know for a dead certainty that I would not be here writing this today if I had continued smoking the way I did.

So I’ll keep celebrating my freedom, year after year!

2 Responses to Nosmo King the 18th

  1. dbarkley2014 says:

    Me too Jak (celebrating my freedom) and, as a testament to the power of that particular addiction, I still miss it.

  2. Mike Hansen says:

    I like Ur choice of words, ‘a dead certainty’!

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