Cafe Shibuya, Or Farewell to Adeline’s

August 24, 2014

The other day we decided to have a late lunch at Cafe Shibuya on Commercial.  Regular readers will recall that Cafe Shibuya used to be Adeline’s which had become my favourite coffe/breakfast/meeting haunt (especially as it is just around the corner from where we live).  For the last year or so, the owners of Adeline’s had talked about turning it into a Japanese/Korean place, and that is now what they have done.  I really like the people involved, which makes this review all the more difficult to write.

In Vancouver when you think of a Japanese restaurant, the mind automatically envisions sushi and sashimi.  From my memory of the menu, you can get both at Shibuya, but their speciality seems to be Japanese and Korean barbecued dishes. When we went, we both chose Korean dishes that we were familiar with — jaepche and bulgoki — and, frankly, neither were that good.  The pickles were great, the service was pleasant, and the price wasn’t bad; but the main food was mediocre at best. The ever-loving said she was dyspeptic for a day and a half afterwards.

Now, we have only tried two dishes from the menu and maybe they are the worst things they do but, let’s be honest, first impressions count when there is so much competition (on the Drive, let alone the entire city) for our limited restaurant dollars.  I hope that others find it better and more to their taste (because I really do like the folks behind the Cafe) but I think they have lost us as customers.

And the biggest shame for me is that I have also lost a great breakfast meeting place!