Time and Stuff

August 20, 2014

I haven’t been writing much — as you can see.  I have been concentrating on reading, making notes, prepping a future essay on the conflation of literacy, monotheism, and democracy, and how they ganged up to eliminate the rights and powers of women.  That’s for later, but I am having trouble keeping my focus on other issues because that material is both fascinating and disturbing. I have developed a list of posts that I have been thinking about, but haven’t gotten to the point of writing yet.  This week maybe.

I have taken the time to attend a meeting of the Our Community, Our Plan (OCOP) group on Monday, and to meet with the fascinating Wendy Sarkissian this morning.

OCOP is surviving well as a group of activists, the meetings are exciting and forward moving, and we now know each other well enough that we get real action initiated quite quickly.  I suspect the City may be surprised about some of the things we have planned. It is also a useful teaching/learning forum about planning, development, media management, and municipal politics.  Everyone learns something at these gatherings — every Tuesday 7:00pm at Britannia Info Centre.

Sharing coffee and conversation with Australian planner Wendy Sarkissian was a real pleasure this morning.  She is here for a few months this fall to teach at Langara and UBC.  The joy is that she is happy to help us in Grandview and her decades of experience can only be valuable.  I am looking forward to seeing how best we can fit her into the group.