Two Strikes And I’m Still In

Since writing my last post on Serial Detectives I have known and loved, I have to add a new nane:  Robert Galbraith, author of two novels featuring the hard-boiled London-based private detective Cormoran Strike.  The first novel in the series was “The Cuckoo’s Calling” and the second, published earlier this summer, is “Silkworm“.

Robert Galbraith is a nom-de-plume of J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series and “A Casual Vacancy.”

I really enjoyed “The Cuckoo’s Calling“. I enjoyed the characters (major and minor) and the style and the easy knowledge of London.  And I was satisfied with the result — the bad guy got his just desserts.  I enjoyed “Silkworm“, too, but was left less satisfied. Perhaps I was expecting something more, or something else.

It is not possible, so far as I can tell, to simply read a Galbraith mystery and try to figure out the clues that are being left.  Strike keeps too much to himself and, in both books, he finally reveals his theory and plan to his assistant (when he needs specific help) in such a way as to not tell us, the reader.  Fair enough, now I know.

In the future, I will simply sit back and enjoy the fine writing when new volumes arrive.

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