Fashion Untied

August 13, 2014

Yesterday morning I had an appointment at VGH. I was early and so sat in the main reception area and watched people go by.  Now, one of my minor ailments is OCD and I love to count things to pass the time. I decided to count the number of men who passed by me who were wearing neckties.  Of the first 100 men who walked by, just three wore ties and, to be frank, I was surprised that the nunber was so high!

Jump to the evening and I was twirling the channels on the TV until I came to a PBS fund-raiser showing rock ‘n’ roll acts from the 1950s and early 1960s, and guess what — all those hip-shaking, Satanic worshipping anti-establishment fellas were wearing ties!

I’m sure someone somewhere has written a book on the decline and fall of the neck tie.