Breakfast Woes

August 5, 2014

I had to have blood work done this morning, so I had been fasting since about 8 yesterday evening.  I got myself to the lab well before nine and only had to wait twenty minutes or so.  Then, the needle-shafting over, I was free to indulge my breakfast passions.

The plan had been to walk down to Tangent Cafe, which I have grown to like quite a bit.  However, in the lab waiting room I had had one of those conversations, and convinced myself that I should go to the Skylight as I hadn’t been there for a while and Eva might worry we had given up on her (as if!).

I caught a bus and headed north to First, did some business there, and then headed north for the long walk to Eva’s.  I probably passed by almost a dozen places I could have had breakfast, but I was dead set on the Skylight.  Finally I get there, exhausted and ravenous. to find a notice on the door that this is Eva’s holiday week and she was closed!

Well, I wasn’t going to walk back up the hill, so I settled for Zawa’s where the very first question from the waitress was “Do you want your hashbrowns deep fried or grilled?”