Early Morning Radio

I started my day with an early interview on Co-op Radio’s Media Mornings with Jane Bouey.  Jane has been great at keeping up with what’s happening with the Grandview Community Plan, so I am always happy to chat with her.

The interview begins at 00:47:25:  http://www.coopradio.org/content/media-mornings-443

We talked about the lack of genuine consultation in the process, and I pushed for residents to join Our Community, Our Plan.

Great to get the synapses working so early!  Must be time for a nap,



2 Responses to Early Morning Radio

  1. Tak Uyede says:

    Good morning.

    I tried to listen to the broadcast but it stopped at 30 minutes. Is there an easy way to find it? I tried trolling around Media Player, but you know me -lazy to the core!

    Tak Uyede

    1803 Venables Street

    Vancouver, B.C. V5L 2H6

    Home: 604 253 9689

    Tak’s Cell: 604 209 4730

    Home e-mail: uyedes@telus.net


    • jakking says:

      Tak: I just tried it again and it was fine. Go to the link. Press the right arrow immediately under the date. Then use your mouse to move the slider to the right until you get to 47 minutes (this may take a few slides to get right). Try that!

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