An Independent Mayor

July 2, 2014

I have written often before about my distaste for political parties in the municipal arena — I don’t think they should be allowed to participate.  All Councilors should be independents.  That means the Mayor should also be independent. Of course, in our system where big money rules, running as an independent is genuinely tough, will all the odds (and all that cash) stacked against you.

There is at least one serious candidate who may well apply himself to running as an independent for Mayor this fall, and that is former Olympian, former judiciary chief, Robert Kasting.

I am writing this because I was quoted in the Straight online today talking about Kasting.

Although King doesn’t know yet if he’d support Kasting, he is impressed with the lawyer. “He’s incredibly intelligent. He’s got a very fine mind. And I think, like a very good judge, he has very good reasoning skills. So, as a mayor, I think he wouldn’t be bad.”

Having a Mayor of Vancouver with world-class intelligence (and independence from the financial power-brokers) would make such a change here.