Patio Florabunda

June 28, 2014

patio flora

The everloving has, as every year, made a wonderful job of our limited patio space.  In this section, we have geraniums, clematis, ferns, tumbler tomatoes, carrots and various herbs.  Elsewhere we have roma tomatoes, blueberry plants, pansies, a huge jade, and more geraniums.  It is a wonderful time of year.

Click on picture for a much better image.

Happy 100th Birthdays!

June 28, 2014

I spent time this morning and lunchtime celebrating our heritage neighbourhood with the Grandview Heritage Group at their annual birthday bash.  This year we were at Mosaic Park.


We had quite a few of the owners of the properties that had Centenary Signs from us this year, and a lot of drop-ins who helped share our birthday cake and stories.  Apparently because the gods smile on the good, we had a perfect window between the rains from 10:30 to 12:30.

In the next little while, a more comprehensive photo-story of the party will be up at the GHG site.