Responses To The Grandview Citizens’ Assembly

June 27, 2014

Like most Grandview-Woodland residents, I received today my invitation to apply for one of the tiny number of seats on the GW Citizens’ Assembly which is supposed to advance the completion of the GW Community Plan. I do not expect to be chosen because I am, of course, one of “the usual suspects” they are seeking to exclude by this process.

I have written about this dreadful and disrespectful process endlessly (posts just from earlier this month about this sorry process can be found here, here, here, and here) and so I thought it would be interesting to share some of the comments that have been sent to me today by other residents.

  • “The appointment of  a non-GW chair (obviously paid, as well) is simply outrageous. Not to mention the frequent reference to “experts” and the engagement of a high-powered consultant firm.”
  • “I really do not support their process. I think they are arrogant and  do not have the citizens best interest in mind.”
  • “They have  set it up so you have to commit to  many Saturdays   from 9-4  that to me sounds a bit exclusionary. Its all weird.”
  • “As we well know, their assembly will be orchestrated to produce the results they want.”

Those are just from emails I have received in the last couple of hours.  I doubt it is going to get any better.

Happy Birthday Emma Goldman!

June 27, 2014


Today we celebrate the birthday in 1869 of the glorious and inspirational Emma Goldman.  Long may she live in our memory.