Another Kick In The Teeth

I understand that a Chair for the Grandview Citizens’ Assembly has been chosen. She is Rachel Magnusson who, I believe, is a social science prof from UVic.

What I have to say next is meant as no slight on her personally (I don’t know her and she may be a wonderful advocate, who knows), but rather on the people who have hired her.

I suppose after all we’ve been through that we shouldn’t be surprised that such an important position for our neighbourhood should be selected without any discussion with residents or the local groups that have taken such an active and involved interest in this process for the last 18 months. And without any public notification that I have seen.

This is just another kick in the teeth for local democracy; another indication the Assembly will be established as they want it, not us; just another sign from Vision Vancouver that they believe they can do whatever they like in Grandview-Woodland regardless of local opinion.

It is sad and downright shameful.


One Response to Another Kick In The Teeth

  1. […] Assembly has reportedly been selected without any consultation with the community. The blog Jak’s View of Vancouver notes that consultant hired by the City, MASS LBP, has chosen Rachel Magnusson from the University […]

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